Up at 5 and hiking by 6:25.  We started with 5 litres each.  Climbed up a steep bypass that took us an hour to climb.  9:30 we started up the ledges.  Mostly boulders coming up, not as clogged and difficult as previous days.  The sun was chasing us up the canyon, but we managed to stay in the shade most of the way.  Canyon walls start to narrow and climbing with hands and feet became necessary.  It did not require us to take off our packs, but did require a bit more care and concentration.  To the summit by 11:10.  Took a short lunch break and headed down by 11:45.  We headed straight down the gully.  It was steep and very slippery.  After an hour it looks like there is no where to go.  We contemplated just using our rope and rappelling off.  Footprints lead us to a small cairn on the right side of the pour off.  It was ridiculously steep and slippery.  We took our packs off for the next section.  What a wild by pass!  Lots of down climbing on loose gravel with lots of exposure.  That definitely woke us up.  Finally made it back to the bed of the gully and continued down.  Two more pour offs with bypasses to the left.  Found water at 3:45 and continued down through the narrows to the overhang camp.  There was only pothole water through the narrows and only a small seep at the overhang camp.  We made camp at 5:00 and pumped several litres out of the seep