Up at 5:00 and hiking by 6:25.  Started with 5 litres of water each.  Started up the ravine that would lead us to Hall Butte Saddle.  About 20 minutes up the ravine we came to a spring that was running.  Lots of foliage around the water that made getting through slow and difficult.  We picked a line that pretty much went straight up the slope.  The ground was loose talus and scree.  It was difficult to make progress, and after a couple of hours I lost my footing and took a bad spill.  I landed directly on my chest and knocked the wind out of myself.  I was sliding back down slope and managed to grab a clump of grass, which stopped my slide.  I hollered for Oskar to help, but he did not have good enough footing - so it took a bit till he was able to help me.  He finally was able to unclip my chest and waist belts and move my pack.  Once back on my feet it was clear to me that I had broken a couple of ribs.  We assessed the situation and decided that we would continue on and just monitor my breathing.  We also measured the distance around my ribs and belly and agreed to measure every couple of hours to be sure that nothing was bleeding internally.  This was the most demanding stretch of the whole trip due to how loose everything was.  It also posed the most risk.  Towards the top it narrows and there is some hand and foot climbing, but nothing serious.  We arrived at the saddle at 11:00.  Sat down to relax and have some lunch.  Started hiking around the redwall at 11:45.  Took 2 hours to wiggle all the way around the redwall to the saddle of Angel’s Gate.  Took a short break and started down towards Clear Creek.  The start of the route is straight down the face of some rocks.  We decided that I would climb down first and Oskar would send the packs down via a rope and then he would come down after.  We did several iterations of this and finally came to the bed of the ravine.  We dropped 800 feet in a quarter of a mile!  You definitely better be comfortable with rock climbing with some exposure to get through this section of the hike.  Despite the broken ribs, it was a really fun section to climb.  Once in the bed of the drainage we continued down, in and out of the drainage looking for the path of least resistance.  Lots of rock hopping.  Broke out of the bed onto a grassy slope where the walking was much easier.  Where 2 drainages join we went back into the drainage.  We followed the creek bed until it turns left, then we got onto the Tonto.  We stopped at 5:30 as we found a good place to stay for the night.  We were down to 1 litre of water each, but knew water would be close in the morning.  Boy was it painful to lay down.