Up at 6 and hiking by 6:50.  This will be a long day as we need to make it to Cottonwood Campground – about 18 miles away.  We crossed the Tonto and found the break through the tapeats down to Clear Creek.  On the way down I put my hiking pole down and felt it squish.  I looked down to see that I had put it on a rattle snake.  It was a juvenile that had only one button for a rattle, and it was clearly too cold to do much.  I took a picture and apologized for the pinch and went on my way.  We were to water by 7:20 and had breakfast.  Walked down stream bed to where the main arm of Clear Creek begins.  Went right and made it to the Clear Creek campsite by 9:45.  Pumped some more water and had a quick snack and headed out on the Clear Creek trail.  Made it to Bright Angel River by 3:00.  Soaked our sore feet in the cool water, pumped more water and headed to Cottonwood.  Arrived by 7:00.  Set up camp and made dinner.  Oskar went down to the river to get water.  Water pump was full of silt from previous days so it was a hard chore.