Up at 5 and hiking by 6:25.  We have good cloud cover again today so it is relatively cool.  About 15 minutes into the hike we saw a beautiful buck gliding by.  He was moving too quick to get a picture.  I have seen lots of deer in the corridor, but never one so far out in the wilds.  It was a special treat to see him.  Arrived at the crest at 7:50.  Gully was full of Yucca plants that Oskar started calling “guardians of the wash”.  Went to take a picture and the camera would not work.  Pretty bummed about the camera malfunctioning.  Followed a use trail from the top of the crest down a gully.  After about an hour of hiking down hill there is a huge pour off.  We went up on the right side to go around it.  Made our way back into the gully.  There are several good down climbs in this section.  We did it easily without taking off our packs.  Once the canyon begins to narrow there are cairns marking the way.  We got carried away and missed the drainage that goes to Lava.  After hiking down Carbon for about 10 minutes we realized our mistake and back tracked to the right drainage.  The drainage is wide and there are lots of foot prints and cairns marking the way.  Carbon is beautiful so it was not a wasted 20 minutes.  We turned the camera on and it worked!  Must have been just too cold this morning.  Towards the end of the drainage there is a huge pour off – work around is marked by a cairn on the left.  It climbs up a steep section then works its way back down a steep section into the bed of the drainage.  We arrived at Lava at 1:00.  No water running.  We hiked for about 45 minutes to find water.  Water appears and disappears until Still Spring.  Arrived at Still Spring at 2:30.  Skies are gray and threatening rain, so we take the bivys out in preparation for rain.  Had dinner and in bed by 7