Up at 4:30 and ready to hike by 5:45.  Waited another 30 minutes until there was enough light to start hiking.  Heard an owl much of the night and the song of another bird that I didn’t recognize.  Started up the slope opposite Juno ruins.  It was a major bushwhack to climb the first 500 feet.  From the top of the ridge we went left until we found a drainage, where we turned right and tried to contour around.  Reached the main bed 45 minutes later.  We went up the bed on the left to an elevation of 5150 and then looked for a way out of the bed.  Nothing looked good – it was all steep and chocked with trees and shrubs.  The terrain was loose and difficult for about the first 100 feet, then it improves a bit.  It is still quite steep and have to maneuver through trees.  We arrived at the base of the redwall and worked our way left.  Found some poop of some kind of small cat – perhaps a bobcat has a den up here.  We worked our way across 2 ravines and found a use trail with some cairns.  Followed trail on and off to the saddle and arrived there at noon.  Took a break and had lunch and enjoyed the beauty of the saddle.  Left camp this morning with 6 litres of water each.  Used 2 litres to the saddle.  Started off saddle at 12:45  and made our way down a boulder strewn drainage for about 2 hours to a cairn on the left marking the exit around a pour off.  Continued down main arm of Unkar.  Stopped for dinner at 6:15 and after dinner turned on head lamps and tried to continue.  We hit a wall of foliage that we had a hard time getting through, so we decided to call it a night and continue in the morning.   We had come to the conclusion that the water we expected to be running was not there and we would need to hike to the river to get water.