Up at 5 and hiking by 6:30.  We looked around for a good line, and then decided to just start hiking up.  The ground was hard and rocky, but easy enough to make good progress.  Towards the top of the first hill the ground became softer and there was more vegetation.  We worked our way towards the obvious saddle, finding many foot prints and several cairns marking the way.  There is a clear trail in the sandy soil leading to the top of the saddle.  We were to the saddle by 9:45.  We had some nice cloud cover on the way up, making the hiking pleasant enough.  From the saddle we headed for a gully to head down to Kwagunt.  The hiking was fairly easy rock hopping.  Towards the end there are a couple of big drop offs that we went around on hiker left.  Arrived at Kwagunt at 11:45.  Found a nice shady spot to spend the afternoon.  Set up camp and treated a nasty blister that had formed on one of my toes.  Fair amount of water was running in Kwagunt.  Since we were to camp so early we took advantage of the sun and rinsed out socks and underwear, allowing them to dry in the sun.  We had left camp this morning with 5 litres of water and had dumped 2 litres at the saddle, and arrived at Kwagunt with a little less than a litre each.  We spent some time prepping for the big push for the next couple of days.  We each had 10 litres capacity and we filled everything to the top.