Up at 6 and hiking by 7:10.  We reached Kolb drainage by 8:20. 

Hiking was slow and laborious.  The foliage is thick and unforgiving.  We tried to hike right up the middle of the stream, out of the stream bed and something in between.  It is just slow going.  We decided to climb up higher to see if the traveling was any better.  It was better for a short time, then became thick with scrubs so we returned to the dry bed.  Up higher in the drainage it was easier going, but started to get clogged with trees and scrubs again. 

There were several small pour offs that were fun to climb and it generally was an enjoyable hike.  At 11 we stopped for lunch and decided we were still several kilometers from our goal, and we would not make it before our turn around time.  So we enjoyed a leisurely lunch and started back around noon.  We were back to camp by 3.  Decided to pack up and head down stream to put us in a good position to tackle the hike up to Nankoweap saddle.  We hiked until about 4 and found a decent place to camp.  We set up camp and looked around a bit for the ruins, but did not locate them.  Had dinner and in bed by 7.